This could be due to the entity consuming your energy

This could be due to the entity consuming your energy

1. Physical Disturbances

Entity attachment can lead to physical disturbances, with the most common symptom being persistent physical exhaustion and feeling disconnected from your own body.

Typically the onset of an illness will accompany the never-ending feelings of fatigue. Since the entity feeds off your energy centers, you can even develop illnesses corresponding to particular chakras. For example, if the entity is feeding off your Root chakra, you can have issues with your energy, bones, blood, and immune system.

You may also find yourself dealing with physical cravings for substances like alcohol or drugs. it’s quite typical to undergo unexplained shifts in behavior, such as experiencing changes in your sleep patterns, alterations in your appetite, and disengagement from activities that typically bring you joy.

The physical signs of an attachment become more noticeable when encountering instances like sleep paralysis or poltergeist phenomena. Amid sleep paralysis, you might witness or sense the entity responsible for the physical uneasiness. Furthermore, you likely have attachment if you awaken with unexplainable scratches or marks on your skin.

One of the most extreme signs of a spirit attachment will be physical interactions and disturbances during your dreams. These encounters can range from gentle taps and hair pulling to more severe incidents such as being forcefully pulled out of bed or more like sexual and physical assaults. It’s important to note that while such occurrences are uncommon, they may indicate a significant situation that needs immediate professional intervention.

2. Emotional Oppression

Enduring emotional suppression is quite common, yet it can often be an overlooked symptom. You might go through constant and inexplicable feelings of sadness or low spirits that you can’t shake off. It can also come with mood fluctuations and bouts of irritability, particularly with those you are closest to.

The signs of emotional subjugation are often disregarded because they can resemble other conditions such as depression or bipolar disorder. The distinction is that you won’t exhibit the other signs usually connected with a dependency. The symptoms also appear out of the blue and won’t be associated with any genetic predispositions.

It’s been reported that people experiencing emotional oppression will feel numb or dissociated. You may feel out of touch with yourself or like something is taking over your personality. Others will notice a drastic change in your everyday mood and may even feel an eerie energy around you. Lifeless eyes are oftentimes reported with entity attachments.

In severe instances of entity attachments, one might experience a sense of emotional manipulation. Essentially, you might feel as though you’re not directing your own emotions and are trapped within your own body. Although this is less frequent, it could be a significant sign of approaching full possession.

3. Psychic Attacks

If you’re especially sensitive or more spiritually inclined, you’ll likely feel the most intense symptoms through psychic attacks. Psychic attacks target your higher chakras, so you can expect more psychic phenomena to begin manifesting. This is when the entity attached to you can start revealing its more maleficent intentions.

Experiencing psychic assaults may begin with sensing an entity near you or feeling perpetually observed. You might find yourself extremely uneasy in your surroundings and feel compelled to frequently check your surroundings. This can then evolve into witnessing unsettling images in your third eye upon shutting your eyes or enduring startling sleep terrors.

On a more serious level, you may develop paranoia about the people closest to you. You may start to think they’re out to get you and that they’re the ones causing you harm. This is a tactic to get you to isolate yourself so that it’s even easier to gain control over your energy and consciousness.

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